About Us

We bridge the gap between various African countries and make it easy to trade in Africa.

01. What We Do

Provide perfect and practical services

We are the online platform that connects African countries together and facilitates trade in Africa. We bring buyers and sellers together, and providing access to technology that makes it easy to trade across borders.

Countries Trading

Currently trading between
USA, Zambia, Malawi

Technology Brands
20 +

We’re a technology company. We love technology and have spent our careers working in businesses that have leveraged technology to do better business.

Team Members
12 +

Our team is here to assist you with any question you may have when researching or learning about our products.

02. Cairo Road

Provide technology to Africa

We want Africa to become a great technological nation. We need to provide the tools that can help build capacity in the continent, build relationships and change how Africans interact with each other, as well as how we engage with the rest of the world.

03. Cairo Road

Expect Restless
Amazing Support

We’re committed to helping high-growth companies be successful by providing the most comprehensive platform and unparalleled support on the market.

04. Our Clients

Popular Brands including Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, LG, Sony and many more.

05. Our Leaders

Meet our team